Esther Salon & Spa

Esther Salon & Spa is characterized as elegantly rustic, catering to a high-class crystal and chandeliers clientele. I found my inspiration for the logo in the etymology of the name, Esther, a name of Persian origin derived from the root word for star, used by ancient Syrians to denote the planet Venus and femininity. Esther finds kinship in the Syrian goddess Ishtar, symbolic of fortune, felicity and pure beauty, often referred to as “the morning star” and likened to the breaking of dawn in ancient writings.

The concept of beauty led to the color scheme borrowed from the glamorous peacock, another symbol of beauty. Incorporating the golden ratio and rotational symmetry, the captivating tail feathers of the majestic peacock and the morning star emerged.

esther-salon-spa-branding-environment-signage esther-salon-spa-branding-collateral esther-salon-spa-branding-uniforms-collateral

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